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Specialists for presenting with their own powerful Fohhn wireless speaker. And specialists for videomaking also with drones. This is fenomens.cz. Wireless active speakers feature an integrated high-capacity battery that allows you to moderate even without electrical current anywhere. At the time of the Internet and social networks, video is „fenomens.cz“ of today’s time. It has more potential to communicate experiences, emotions and information far more quickly, more comfortably and more actively than hundreds of still pictures and thousands of long words in articles… Fenomens.cz is filming an authentic reports or promotional spots as well as unique interviews for companies, organizations and individuals.

The news studio of fenomens.cz will add to your videos the importance and seriousness. It will be a diversion for your viewers on facebook and youtube channels. It also uses GoPro cameras that allow action shots from non-traditional locations and angles. Even flying drones give the video exceptional shots. Everything rotates, cuts, commits and repairs… Uses wireless Sennheiser microphones. The owner of fenomens.cz has been in the media field since 2000. He has cooperated or worked for television (Czech TV, TV NOVA, TV PRIMA and Z1) as well as radio (Czech Radio Radiožurnál, Český rozhlas Plus, Český rozhlas 6, Český rozhlas 2 , Český rozhlas České Budějovice)… We will be glad to make a tailor-made price calculation… For fenomens.cz is looking forward to cooperation Tomáš Ouředník and Lenka Novotná ?

Mgr. Tomáš Ouředník 

presenter, videoreporter, media experience since 2000, presenter of project The Trips (Výlety) of the Czech Radio Radiožurnál, presenter programs Český rozhlas 6 and Plus…, cooperated with television ČT, TV NOVA, TV PRIMA, Z1 and other stations Czech Radio.



Mgr. Lenka Novotná 

presenter, videoreporter, specialist in English, experience in language teaching since 1999, internships, foreign stays in the UK and Ireland…



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