We moderate at trade fairs, sports, social, corporate and private events, meetings, festive opening of shops, press conferences. We also present more or less traditional or untraditional events. Moderating from with its own powerful wireless speaker, Fohhn will add your events to importance and seriousness. Wireless active speakers have an integrated high-capacity battery, a processor-controlled amplifier and a mixer. It includes a wireless receiver and a CD / MP3 player. Presenting from will be a diversification for your audience, even the best presentation for your city, village, for your organization, and for your family events... We also offer moderation in a couple for companies, freelancers, cities, organizations, and individuals... We also present on your device.

The speakers stand out in space where it is not possible to connect to the power grid, yet the customer requires a high-quality and powerful sound system, or where a portable, portable sound system is preferred. The Reprobox is a full-equipped speakerphone unit, undercover music, or a combination of them. The speakers are easy to handle, and one person can handle the installation and operation.






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